CNC for OEM: M800/M80, E80 & C80

CNC Salient Features :

  • Premium CNC- Expandable & flexible-High Productivity & ease of operability
  • High-grade CNC well suited to high-speed high-accuracy machining and multi-axis multi-part system control
  • High-gain servo/spindle drives, capable of fully enhancing drive system performance.
  • Spindle motor, equipped with high speed and high efficiency.
  • NC Visualizer enables to visualize the operating status of machine tools easier & Detailed alarm history information

Enhanced Lathe System
Milling features have been enhanced through high-speed high-accuracy control, SSS control and inclined surface machining command.
Multi-axis, multi-part system control features is supported. A wide array of these features help ensure high productivity.
Frequently used operation as well as programming, such as tool offset, and workpiece coordinate system shift allows operators to easily implement ever more complex machining

Machining Center System
High-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality cutting through SSS-4G control provides features that are effective in reducing tact time, including optimal acceleration/deceleration suited to each axis' characteristics For VMC, HMC, Tapping canter, Gantry Type Machining Canter, 5 Axis Machining canter

CNC Applications & Retrofitting
CNC Applications & Retrofitting
CNC Applications & Retrofitting

Special Segment :

  • Medical segment for part production
  • Electronic segment for mass production
  • High-end Turn Segment for Multi Axis Mass Production
  • General Mold Segment for Die Mold (high precision machining)

Special applications :
  • Glue Dispensing SPM
  • Drilling SPM (3 Axis)
  • Engraving MAchine
  • Gear Rolling Machine
  • Colet Press
  • Edge Milling SPM

CNC for Retrofitting
In today’s competitive marketplace you need to be able to maximize productivity and simultaneously minimize costs.
Mitsubishi Electric CNC retrofit can be a good solution to both issues.

If you are experiencing significant control/electrical issues with your aging machine tool but the machine is still mechanically sound, then a Mitsubishi Electric CNC retrofit may be right for you. For many industrial facilities product life of CNC is expiring. Status quo is no longer an option as manufacturers risk losing operational control of their processes.
Customer faces increased component failure, which leads to downtime and lost production.
Compound these issues with the lack of available resources to maintain or repair older equipment and the potential for safety and environmental risks increase.

Advantage Innovative Solutions India Pvt Ltd

  • Common CNC Controller for Lathe & Milling
  • In house repairing services
  • Cost effective AMC & warranty support
  • Job prove out & Job accuracy
  • Training- Programming & Maintenance

  • Machines Retrofitted

    VMC, HMC VTL and Gear Rolling Machine and many more